Hymns for harvest




With September nearly here, it’s time to practise the old favourite harvest festival hymns.  We’re celebrating by offering all our harvest hymns (arranged for easy accordion) free of charge;

So why not search our site for “harvest”, or click on the links below to go straight to your favourites.

Almighty Sovereign of the Skies (tune; Antigua)

Bringing in the sheaves

Come, ye thankful people come (tune; St George’s, Windsor)

Earth below is teeming (tune; Harvest)

Earth below is teeming (tune; Princethorpe)

Fair waved the golden corn (tune; Ceres)

For the fruits of his creation (tune; Ar hyd y nos – All through the night)

Now sing we a song for the harvest (tune; Calvert)

Now the year is crowned with blessing (Morgenlied)

Praise to God immortal praise (tune; Taxa)

Praise, O praise our God and King (tune; Monkland)

The God of harvest praise (tune; Italy, AKA Italian hymn)

We plough the fields and scatter (tune; Wir Pflugen)




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